How To Get Adsense Approval In Just 7 Day Complete Guide

How To Get Adsense Approval In Just 7 Day Complete Guide


Hey Buddies if you are looking for best way to get your adsense approval very fast in just 7 days then you are at the right place. Today I am sharing my secret that how you can get your site connected fast to google. Every blogger who start a blog want to get approved by google but it take some time but some people have wasted a lots of time to get  approval but don’t worry today all your problems are gone. I will share you some top secret to get  approval. Here is my best method of getting approved by google. So Lets start.

Adsense Approval Tips

Here I will describe you best way to get your site connected very fast to google in just 7 days. So just follow my method I bet you that you will get approved easily. Lets check my important points.

Choose Top Level Domain

First thing that matter is that we should always choose top level domain to get approved. My meaning for top level domain is that always choose .com, .org or .net  domain only instead of choosing a domain with a country specific  extension like .in, .us, .tk. Google always likes top level domains for partnership. So if you are using other domains that are not in the list of top level domain then you are missing something big. Google will  hardly approve your site. So use this point if you are facing some problem.

Create Email With Domain Name

Some people advice you that you should create a new email id but no one tells you that create your email id with your domain name. For example my blog is so that I have also created a email with to get approved by adsense. If you create email with your domain name then your chances of getting approved will increased very much. Because with domain name email your reputation will grow up in front of google. And you will easily get connected by google. So my second step is this for getting approved by adsense.

Unique Quality Post

If you search on google then most of blog will tells you that you have to publish at least 15-30 post before you apply adsense. But in my way this is a wrong way because google loves quality not quantity. So you can see adsense ads on my blog but you wont believe that I have published only 5 unique  article on my blog and easily get approval by adsense. So my point of view is that you have to focus on quality not on quantity. Before you post article on your blog you should check you post is unique or not. To check copyright issue click here. If this tools show that your post is unique then publish it or otherwise modify it. So your every post should be unique before you apply for approval.

Google Loves govt. or Health Sites

Every person have his own interest in witting according to their passion. But if you have a govt. blog or have a health site then your chances of getting approved by adsense is very much. So that if you are tired of getting rejected many times by google then choose your topic with govt. or health related site. You will get definitely good  result. This is my personal experience that I am sharing with you. These two niche are very good for getting approved by adsense.

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Alexa Rank

If you have read that alexa rank matter then its wrong. My blog does not have alexa rank when I have applied for adsense. So some blog will teach you that your blog should have good alexa rank this is not true fact about google. Your blog post are good way of getting adsense approval.

Create Important Pages

If you have follow my above all the step then final step is that create some important pages for your blog that are about us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer. Because if you have not these pages on your blog then you won’t got approved by adsense. Before apply to adsense create these important page on your blog. Then apply for google you will effeminately got approved by google. Best of luck for your future.

So guys these are the simple step that I have follow on my this blog and got adsense approval. I hope my these step will help you for getting adsense approval. So If you have got these step good for you then please share on social media and if you have any query then comment below for more info I will get you back. For daily update join our Facebook page Askmeblog. Thank to visit.

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