The 15 Steps Needed For Putting Blogspot Seo Into Action.



 In today’s post I am sharing my experience with Blogspot SEO tips. That how blogger can give you a big amount of traffic if you have just created a blog on blogger. Many blogger like me and other who start their blog then it comes to know that they have started their blog on But today’s time blogging is increasing day by so that competition is increasing day by day. So personally I advice you that you have to start your blogger on wordpress with self hosted account. But for starting create your blog on blogger then its good to start. So today I am sharing my experience that how you should setup your seo setting in blogger. So lets start here

Blogspot seo setting In Blogger

First, you need to start your free blog here if you have not started to visit Blogspot for creating blog. Then start your blog with a domain name or with free domain that blogger provide. So lets start setting in blogspot. Click on setting option on blogger. You will see the screen as shown below.


Click on setting then click on basic setting as shown in screen then setup your blog as shown in blog.

Title- Write the title off  your blog here


Description- Write a brief description about your blog that about which topic you are writing. 


Blog Address- Write a custom domain address here so that your blog can get a name. You can add your ccustom domain here also.


HTTPS redirect- Select yes as your preference


Blog Readers- Always select your blog to be public

After that you have to select save option then your all setting are saved. Now you have selected your blog seo friendly. Now click on the below option  then you wiil see the screen shot below.


So setup your blog here as described. 


Show at most- Select here that how much post you want to show on your blog.


Post Template – Select your template here


Showcase images with Lightbox – Select yes


Comment Location- Make it embedded


Who can comment- Select here who can comment. I suggest you select anyone.


Comment Moderation- Select as you want that you want to modify the comment on blog or not.

Show word verification- Yes


Show Backlinks- Select Hide


Auto-share new published posts to your Google+ profile- Select yes so that your new blog post always will be shared on google+ automatically.

Now you have completed these setting. Now click on save setting.

After that click on the next step click on the email section of the blogger. You will see this screen shot.


Posting using email- Select if you want to post your article using email or not


Comment Notification Email- Put your email here

Select save setting. Now  your setting are saved.Then select language and formatting. Now you will see the screen shot below.


Language- Select your blog language here


Enable transliteration- Select your blog to be translate in the language.


Time Zone- Select your timezone as per your country


Times tamp Format- Select date format here

After these  setting click on save setting. Now your settings are saved. Now click search preferences then make changes as shown in the screen.


Description- Create a good description about your blog.


Custom Page Not Found- Select your error setting here


Custom Redirects-  Set your custom redirects blog address here


Google Search Console- Select your google search console account here


Custom robots.txt- Select your robot.txt file here select yes then upload your file here and click save.



Custom robots header tags- Select all here in the blog that are showing . Then click save setting option here

Now go to the last option of this post . Select the option other on the blogspot.

Click on other option on the blog you will see the screen shot below. Now set your blog as described below.


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Import & back up- Select here to create a backup of your all blog post here.
Delete blog- If you want to delete your blog from google then you can do this here.
Allow Blog Feed- Select full
Post Feed Redirect URL- Add you default URL here
Post Feed Footer- Add your feed that will show on footer.
Adult Content- Select here that you want to show adult content on your site or not.
Google Analytics- Add your google analytic id here to get all detail about your google traffic.
Final Words- So this is a basic setting about blogspot that we should do when we have created a blog on blogger . If you have find these article good then please share this with your friends so that they can know more about blogspot seo setting. For more post join our Facebook page Askmeblog .

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