Why Is Building Link So Famous? Learn Now Here

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Why Is Building Link So Famous? Learn Now Here

In this guide I will show you that why  building link is so famous in these days of blogging. Hey Guys today I have created a post about that how you can grow your blog. If you are a blogger and running a blog since long time but did not getting any traffic from google then this guide is only for you. Learn why here building link is so important for your blog. You can also read my this blog post How To Get High Quality Backlink From Amazon to get you first backlink form amazon.

What is building link means In Blogging ?

First thing comes to our mind is that what is building link means. So I explain here. When we comment on other people’s blog then we leaves our site or content link on the blog that is method of building link. To get rank higher in google you have to create links as much as you can.But still you have to know one thing that quality matters in that case not quantity of your link. One high quality link is much better then 10 low quality backlink. So make you links to another site but always remember blog’s PA or DA. In my case I want to say that 30 DA of any site is called to be high quality links. You can know more about building links here buildinglink.com

Types of Building Link  Method

There are two types of links mostly people know that are  do follow and no follow link. You have to learn more about these back links. Do follow backlinks are most important in building link. But it does not mean that you do not have to build no follow links. The ratio of both backlink should be 50-50 otherwise your site will get plenty from google.

So I want to say that do follow back link are permanent backlink and no follow are limited time period backlink. But both are important in seo of any site.

Build your links through these method

Submit blog to directory.

Build relationship with other blog

Create backlink by commenting on other blog

Write a guest post to high domain authority sites.

Join dofollow backlink provider form

Build backlink via social media bookmarking sites

So these are the common method of creating high quality links to your site. Follow these step and improve your site’s ranking in google. Best way of getting backlink from site is blog commenting. This is the simple and easiest method to build links to your blog.

How Google index link to your site

When we create a links from high quality content site then its comes to our mind that how much time it will take to building link takes to be indexed. Well its the common question that every blogger or site owner want to know but in case of links building no one told you that how much time google will takes to index your blog. You need to do your work and lets leave the other work on google. Create at least 10 high quality backlink  per day to improve your site search ranking in google.

Is building link safe or not

Its depend upon your work that links you are building are good or not. Be careful before building links to your site. Getting high links to your site is still easy if you follow the good method for you blog. Use google’s search console tool to remove harmful links from your blog. So that your site will be ranked up always in google.

Best Tools For Building Links To Your Blog

After reading this post your mind will blow with this question that how we can create high quality links to your blog. Its simple after complete guide on building links to your blog I have also cover up this post with best free and paid tools to create backlink for You content marketing. So check these tools are below. Check these now


Its paid tools but still you can use it free with creating a free account on this. Semruus have so many feature that make it powerful. You can use it for at least  10 keyword. You can check backlink here.


ahref is also a best tools for competitor analysis that gives you a complete info of any site that you want to monitoring. But this tool is very expensive  to buy. Most of the blogger in blogging use this tool to creating high quality backlink for your site.


Another best and free tools that I show you is seoprofiler. This tools is free but for more feature you have to upgrade it. You can monitor your sites ranking by this tools. You can check backlink of any unique article or website. So check more about seoprofiler on google. I hope you will also love this tool

So friends these are the best and effective tool that I want  recommended  to you. Use any tool among these tools and get higher ranking on google and increase your site’s revenue.

Final Word

So I hope you have earned a lot by these post that why building link is important to your blog. If you have newly launched your blog and want to make it popular then use these technique so that your site will grow within months or weeks. I hope this article is helpful for you and if you have enjoy this article and learn something then keep sharing this article with your friends. Also join us on Facebook to stay connected with this blog.


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