How To Get Traffic To My Website Up to 100000 Per Month ?

get traffic to my website

When we thinks about starting a blog then we start working to our website. we work all the day and night when we are new in blogging but after one or two month when our new website did not get any traffic that will be a disappointed condition for us. Here is a quick guide that how to get traffic to my website. So I will teach you all the point in this post that you are missing in your blog that’s why your blog did not getting any traffic like other blogger.

1.Write Quality Content On your Blog Get Traffic To My Website.

When new people start blogging then they want quick way to get success in blogging but they did not know this fact about blogging that its not a overnight success. If we want I  get traffic to website my website  then write quality content on our blog. There is also a thought that quantity does not matter but quality always matter. Google does not look on your blog that how many blog post you have written on your blog. Google always looks for how high quality content is your blog producing. So this is the first step to get higher in google. Always write high quality content on your blog. You can see that there is so many blog that have only one post but they are no. 1st in google ranking. Read post that show you that how I get traffic to my website

Publish One Info-graphic Per Week

You should publish one info graphic per week on your blog to get more attraction from other people so that they will link your blog to there blog post. Find similar niche sites like yours and then publish content on your blog then contact  blogger related to your niche then ask them that you have info graphic like their blog. So that I get traffic to my website by info graphic 

Write Good Headline For Your Visitor And Google

If you want more clicks on your blog post in search engine result then try to write good headline in your blog both for your visitor and google. So I want to say that if your headline is not eye catching then your post never get clicks by user. Look like my this post this is a eye catching headline because everyone want to grow traffic on their blog so people definitely clicks on this post in google search result. So always write good headline in your post so that people will clicks on this and you will get more traffic.

Write Article On Trending Topics

Another method for getting more traffic on your blog is that always cover trending topics that are related to your niche because for that your chances of getting higher in google will be double. If you don’t know about trending topics and want trending topics like your niche then you can use Google Trend for this research. It will give you all the trending topics that you can use on your blog. For keyword competition always use keyword planner if you don’t know then read this post Seven Various Ways To Do Google Keyword Planner.

Write Good Conversation In Your Blog

Other method for getting more engagement with your user is that always use good conversation in your blog post. Always use your and I words in your blog so that people can understand your ideas about your post. It will give more trust to your user on your blog that you are a awesome person. Always solve problem of your user and ask them to comment on your post and reply to their comments. Its another way to get more traffic to new website that are struggling for traffic on their blog.

Collect Emails Of Your Users To Get Updated

When people comes to your blog then write best conversation article for them so that they will be fan of your blog. After the article ask them to drop their email for your next blog post in their email inbox. In these days people are too lazy so when they comes to a new blog they remember is for some time and after some time they forgot your blog. So if they are your subscriber then you can told then with your emails that you have new blog post on your blog.  I also get traffic to my website by Email marketing. So that’s why always focus on collecting emails from your user to get continues flow of traffic to your blog.

Use Content Marketing Method On Your Blog

If you wish to get more clicks on your blog then use content marketing on your blog. Because content that have good headline and tags in their post got more clicks on your blog post. So it does not matter that how much your content is high quality. If your headline is poor then you should work on it to get more result for your blog. Learn more about content marketing in your blog post and search it on google.

Create Your Blog Social Profiles To Get More Fans

If your  blog did not have all the necessary social profile then your are missing some traffic to your blog. After email marketing getting more social fan is another way to grow your traffic and revenue. So if you did not have created your blog social profile then create them today to grow your business. It will help you to get more visitor to your blog and also gives you high quality backlink through their profile setting. When your social backlinks increase then your domain authority always increase with time.

Final Thought:- I hope that if you are a newbie person in blogging then my this post will give you some good result to your blog if you follow  all these steps. These steps are proven and working good if we follow them correctly. I hope you know this now that how I get traffic to my website.  If you have found this article helpful then share it with your friends and also on social media site so that people can read this post and they can grow their  blog traffic. For more blog post subscribe my newsletter that will give you info about my next blog post. Also join us on social accounts. Thanks to read this post

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