Seven Various Ways To Do Google Keyword Planner.

Seven Various Ways To Do Google Keyword Planner.

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Today I will share with  you my some personal experience with google keyword planner. I will share my seven ways that can help you to do keyword research with google keyword planner. No doubt that keyword planner is a free tool from google. So with this free keyword tool you can do  a loot of things. Here I will describe you my best ways to do keyword researching with google keyword planner. Some  people are confused about that how to use keyword planner. I have also publish a article about this you can read my this article How Learning Google Keyword Tool Could Save Your Money And Time. In this article I have write more about keyword planner and you can know that how to use keyword planner.So know  seven ways to  use keyword planner here.

1. Keyword Planner is free to use

You also know that keyword planner is free to use and other tools that are available in the market are so expensive for new blogger. Other tools offer  you limited offer in their free version. But keyword planner is always  free to use. This is the best thing in this tool that I want to share with  you. You can use all the feature of this tool for  free life time.

2. Google Keyword tool Offer you to find low competition keyword

This tool offer you  that which type of keyword you are looking for then you can select with the screenshot below. Its easy to find out low competition keyword in google search engine. Everyone know that low competition keyword are easy to rank in google. If you select a low keyword with god search then you can easily get organic traffic from google and  you site will be ranked in google at 1st position check screenshot below.

 google keyword planner


3. Maximize Your CPC With keyword planner

No one tells you that you can increase your google adsense cpc with this tool. Here I will share a  example with you that how you can increase your cpc with this tool. For example I am writing a article on google keyword planner and I want to rank it in google  then I have use this tool. Check  the image below.

 google keyword planner

Yow will see that which keyword are paying you high by checking their bid. So its a example I want to rank it in google in India. So that’s why the cpc is in Indian rupee. So use high bid keyword and google will pay you high on clicks if  you are running adsense on your blog. So by this way you can increase your earning with google adsense.

4.Target your audience with keyword tool.

I thinks you also know that you can target your audience with this tool that from which country you should to get traffic. You can set your country with this tool so you can maximize your income from your blog. Getting traffic from a specific country is very good  for any blogger.

5.Check the trend off your keyword in Google

You never know that you can check the trend of your keyword in any country. So that you will get idea that keywords you are targeting is now popular or not. Because if you target a keyword that is not popular or not in trending then writing post on that keyword is not so good idea. Before writing anything check the trend of you keyword  before writing article on that keyword.


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