Five Facts About How To Make Blog That You Can’t Learn From Books.

Five Facts About How  Make Blog That You Can’t Learn From Books.

Hello friends today our post is all about starting a blog. Friends how  make blog  is really very easy but something that we miss is our today’s topic. So lets start, friends I am sharing a good idea that you should know that how make blog perfectly. I will describe you everything in this article that how many factor affect to your blog if you are a newbie person in the industry of blogging, internet marketing or affiliate marketing. Best thing you will learn here. So lets start our today’s topic.


how make blog

Five Facts About How Make Blog.



1. Language 
Friends first you need to check the status of language that you are using in your blogging. I want to say that you should
start a blog in English because English is worldwide known language. And almost all the world can understand the language  that you are using in your blog. A good example of worldwide famous site is
Wikihow that is site from china but you can check on alexa that it is a worldwide reading site and have a good value in the world.


Second thing that I mention here is that all about your niche. If your niche is not good then you don’t have to start a
blog. You niche should be strong and should have high level. So that you can earn good from your blog.


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Your domain should be top level that is why I always use .com domain, so after starting a blog you have to select a good
domain that will bring traffic from all the world. So always use a good top level domain.


Start with a good hosting service  in this case I highly prefer Hostgator hosting service, If you buy through this link you will
get some discount on this hosting. And our site will get some commission. But it does not mean that it will cost you high.
Depend upon you that what you think about hosting service.


5. Content
Bill Gates say that ”content is King” that is really true after all that if you don’t have killer content then your all
hard work is useless. So after setup of a blog start writing a good article everyday.


If you are really crazy about writing good idea on your site and want to earn some good income online then last factor
that matter is that you have to increase traffic because traffic is money.
More traffic is more money. So use these step to start a online blog. I bet you that you will get really good result


So friends If you are new on my blog then ask me any question I will reply you. Drop your comment below and get solution.
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