How To Make Money Online By Monetizing Your Blog

how to make money online
how to make money online

How To  Make Money Online By Monetizing Your Blog

In this guide I will share my personal experience that how  to make money online by monetizing your blog. This post is specially for new blogger who have started a blog and want to create some passive income from their blog. Today I will share with you all the method that how you can earn money online. All you need is to read my this post carefully and start monetizing your blog. I have choose very good ads network for making money online from your home. So lets start the article.

How To Make Money Online By Advertising

You can start creating income when you are getting a decent traffic from google and your sites page view increases. There are many network that allow you to create a passive income by doing your work at home. You will find these article below. So read these article one by one. You can also read this article written by  R.L. Adams How To Make Money Online.

It will give your more ideas about earning money from home

Google Adsense 

My favorite ads network is google adsense. All the other blogger also loves adsense to monetizing their blog. Because google is best ads network in the world. You can earn very high or low  income from google. But before you start I will advice you that getting adsense account approved by google is difficult. But you can easily approve your site by  reading this article How To Get Adsense Approval In Just 7 Day Complete Guide. You will make 0.5$ to 50$ per click depend upon you that which type of keyword You have chooses high cpc or low. Yo can also know  some fact about google that no one tells you read this 7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Google Adsense.    I will advice you that before starting with adsense you have to know more about adsense here Adsense program

Affiliate Program

After  that if you have not got your site to be approved by adsense then you can make money by affiliate program. There are too many companies that provide their affiliate program like amazon, flip kart or click bank. You can search these program on google and join. Start promoting their product on your blog and you will earn a commission when you have made a sale. You have to read this post Understand The Background Of Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips Now.

YouTube Channel

If you hate writing and loves to speaking then you can earn money online by starting a YouTube channel. This a best and free method to earn from internet. This is also a free method. If you have mind to star a blog then you have to invest money online. But creating a  YouTube channel is always free. Anyone can start  a channel for free. But you need some hard work to earn from YouTube. Search on google that how to make money online from YouTube. You can start your channel here YouTube Channel

Start Your Online Store  

If you have a talent to selling a product then you can start your online store. You can  create a full time income from your home. There are too many sites that are providing facility to sell your product online. There are company like Shopify that provide you power of selling. I think that this is a best way to start your business online.

Sell Your Service Online

If you have any type of talent like logo design, writing or speaking then are some platform for you. You can start online by best company name as fiverr. Fiverr is worldwide famous site to start making money online. You will earn 5$ per order and you will earn 4$. So if you capture as many order as you can then your earning will start increased. You can search on google that how to earn from fiverr.

Writing Article

You can start writing about the niche that you loves. You can start writing for people have a blog related to your niche. For such kind off opportunity you have to join social site group like Facebook, twitter and as much as you can.

Start A Paid Service Online

You have another method that is if you have any skill of online marketing then you can start your own paid service. You can charge money according to your service. You can find many website that provide you service to sell your service. Some example are up work, freelance job online. You can search on google about these jobs. First you need to fill up your complete form to apply for jobs related to your skill. So find these types of website on google and register there and start earning online.

Final Words

So guys these are the method that I have discovered after my research. I will promise you that these are the best and scam free method on the internet to making money online. So friends if you  have found this article how  to make money online from internet then share it on social accounts and with your friends also. Join our Facebook page here Askmeblog. Start following my blog for daily update.

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