5 Seo Tools That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

 5 Seo Tools That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

Hi Guys after my research on some tools that I have personally tested in keywords researching and search engine optimization today I am sharing these best seo tools with you. These seo  tools are very popular and now days working good  and getting popular day by day. I think most of these tools you have used before. So lets come to the topic and start  our topic I will describe you one by one.


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Top seo tools to get rank in google fast

1.Google Keyword Planner

If you are new and started a blog that is not getting traffic for google  then I will advice you that you have to use this product of google that is free of cost. You have to nothing to spend on this tool. Many blogger spend many dollar to get such keywords. You can Also get many research on you keywords here is a graph below that describe the main reason to use google keyword planner. Lets search our  keyword  seo tools. 

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So you can see the screenshot above that what is competition for your desire keyword for that you are searching for. It will tells you competition is low or high and what is the highest bid for your keyword. If you  don’t know that how to use it you can also check our article related to google keyword planner below

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2. Semrush Best Paid Tool

After above tool google keyword planner my another favorite second seo tools is semrush.  Semrush is a paid tool if you want to use it then you have to spend some money on this tool. But there is a free version also that you can use with a daily limit. In semrush you can research up to 10 keyword daily after sign up .Here is a complete screen shot of semrush keyword planner.

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You can research your keywords here Semrush Keyword Research. I have listed below some keyword feature semrush

  1. You can get backlink of any site.
  2. Domain comparison
  3. Site overview
  4. seo magic
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Website Ranking in google

3. Uber Suggest

Next best tool that I will offer you is ubersuggest. This is a best tools that I have seen ever. You can search you keyword here and get best search for your keyword. Ubersuggest will  offer you best status of your keyword in google. Here is I have created a best screen shot that will describe you best that how you can search your keyword in google. First you need to put your keyword and after that select your keyword that you are looking for such as web, shopping or youtube as shown in screen shot below.

seo tools


As the above screen shot shows you. First put your keyword the select keyword type after that hit the suggest button. And below you will see that how many keyword are related to your target keyword. This tool is very useful. You need  to understand it completely. You can check your keyword suggestion here Uber Suggest Keyword Suggestion Tool.


4.Keyword Tool

I have listen many times about this tool that this is a great tool for keyword researching. So I have decide to mention it in my blog post because I have personally use it for some time. Main key feature is that this tool is include many search engine in keyword researching such as google, bing or yahoo etc. It will  shows you the exact result of  your keyword. Put your keyword and then select your search engine type. Then hit you will get the result off your keyword. But now its a paid tool if you want to use it you have to purchase it personally. As shown in screen below. You can visit keyword planner here Keyword Research tool

seo tools


5. KwFinder

There is many tools after search on google you will find this . But I am listing here the tools that are best for you. So at last of this post I will mention this tool that kwfinder is best tool for you. As we have already  discuss about semrush this tool is similar as much as you can see. This is not free tool. After sign up you can search up to 3 keyword on daily base. This tool will tool you that you have to go for your desire keyword or not. You can select multiple country for same keyword. For example below I have search for keyword youtube videos below in united state you can see the result below.

seo tools

After that we have found that competition for that  keyword is hard and other side volume of this keyword is 60500. This tool is suggesting you that you have to not going for this keyword because this keyword is hard to rank. You can visit here Kwfinder Keyword Research tool Type you keyword and then go for it. But remember one thing that you can use only three times it. If you love this tool then you have purchase it for full version.


Final Thought :- So guys these are the seo tools that I have personally used for keyword researching that are useful for you. I will suggest you that do a keyword research before you start writing on a topic and if you can do it then choose the topic that is low competition level.You will definitely rank you blog post for that keyword. So guys if you have enjoy this post then share it on social media. Also share with your friends who are publishing article without researching.  Join our official facebook page here Ask Me Blog



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