What You Know About Starting Blog And What You Don’t Know About Starting Blog.

What You Know About Starting  Blog And What You Don’t Know About Starting  Blog.

Introduction :- Hey Friends Today I have got a new idea about that how to help newbie people that are starting blog  in these days. But new blogger some time got confused that where they should start blog and become successful in the world of internet marketing.
So today I have create this post in two parts one thing that you know about starting a blog and other thing that you don’t know about starting a blog.  So lets start about topic that the things you know about starting a blog.

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Things That You Know About Starting  Blog

I know many people know that before starting a blog they we need site and content. Many people choose there platform. Here are the list of things that you know about starting a blog.


Platform :- Many people know that which platform they should choose when they start a blog. Yeah WordPress a good platform for your site.


Content :-  Bill gates also predict about this that content is king in the world of internet marketing. I know and you also that if your content are good then your site and business will grow very fast. So we should write unique content that are not available on internet.


Traffic:-  Everyone know that if we start a good content site but never get such traffic like that then it is very bad for us. Because if we don’t have traffic then our site is not valuable for us. I know every new blogger know about this. 


Hosting :- When we start a blog then almost every blogger start with free hosting and after some time they realize that they should buy their own hosting to get there blog to top level.


Good Domain Name : – when we introduce to starting a blog then we mostly  start with blogspot.com and we know that blogspot gives us a sub domain 


Things That You Don’t Know About Starting  Blog

Here I will teach you about those things that you don’t know about when starting a blog. Here you will see which mistake that you do when start a new blog. 


Quality of content :-  when you start a blog then new blogger don’t know about that how to find article to write for their blog. Then they start copying the content of other people from there site and paste on own. Here I advice you that never do such things with your blog. 
If you do such things then your site will never rank in google because google don’t like copied content. so you will never get any traffic. 

Depending On Organic Traffic Only :- When we are new in blogging then we only remain depend on search engine traffic only. But it  take too much time to start getting traffic from google. So never depend on search engine traffic get social or other traffic site.

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Never Active On Social Accounts :-  If we start creating good content on our site and also creating a good  social profile for blog. But when we never be active on our social profile then we will loss our 50% traffic from social media because our fan contact us on page and if we are not active on social profile then how our audience will be get addicted to our site.

Content Promotion :-  When we create a good content with our all day hard work but it becomes very difficult to write new one when we don’t get traffic that we want. It happen because we never promote our content on social media profile and with friends also. So we should share our content with friends and social profile. 

Final Words :-  I hope you have got some idea about that how to start a blog and make it good for other people. I have wrote all my personal thought about starting a blog. So if you like this post then share with your friends and subscribe our daily newsletter.  

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